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Filter Cleaning


A clean filter is an essential part to keeping a pool looking good!

You may be wondering why pool cleaning services do not include this in the basic monthly rate. The answer is because frequency of cleanings varies from pool to pool, some only need to be cleaned once a year, while others may need to be cleaned every 3 months, and pools with sand filters don't need cleaning.

There a basically 3 different types of filters currently available, all of which need at least some basic maintenance.

Sand Filter

This type is by far the easiest to maintain. All it needs is regular backwashing, and depending on the pool, the sand will need to be replaced every 5 to 7 years. Cleaning consists of using a liquid cleaning agent that does not require taking the filter apart. The down side to this type is that it is least effective. If you live in a high dust area (S. of Chandler Heights Rd is one example), you probably won't be happy with the water clarity, especially during the monsoon season. Pools with sand filters are also more likely to have problems with algae. Sand filters are very common due to the fact that they are the least expensive to install and the easiest to maintain. T


Cartridge Filter

This type is considered "middle of the road". Many people like them because they don't need to be backwashed, they are very popular on salt pools for this reason (you don't have to keep adding salt). A major draw back to not backwashing is that calcium and cyanuric acid (chlorine pools) will rise more rapidly. Here in Arizona, this is significant because of the amount of evaporation that occurs. Without going into a bunch of water chemistry, cartridge filters usually mean the pool will need to be drained more often. Cartridge filters also need to be cleaned periodically (every 3 to 6 months depending on the pool). Cleanings usually take about an hour for the smaller cartridge filters, add about 30 min. for the larger ones, and re-assembly is pretty basic. They will filter better than a sand filter, but not as good as a de filter.


DE Filter

While this is the most expensive pool filter on the market, it also provides the clearest water possible. Maintenance includes periodic backwashing and cleaning. As you can see from the pictures at the right, cleaning is not as simple as a cartridge filter, but it isn't needed as often because of the backwash capability. If you know how to put it back together, cleanings usually take about the same time as a cartridge filter.


This is the most common type of filter cartridge.

Split view of clean vs dirty cartridge filter


The "guts" of a typical DE filter

Dirty d.e. filter grid assembly

Split view of clean vs dirty de filter grid
This is the most common de filter grid.


Dirty de filter grid assembly
Cleaning the filter is easy, it's getting it back together that some people find difficult.

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