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Algae treatment

Before you start dumping a bunch of chemicals in the pool, the FIRST thing that needs to be done is a complete pool and equipment inspection:

Check ALL baskets. Clean or replace as needed.
Turn filter pump on and make sure it's operating normally. (If basket is damaged, make sure nothing is stuck in the pump impeller.)
Backwash filter. (If cartridge filter, clean if necessary)
Check water chemistry. Be sure to test for phosphates. If the CYA reading is above 200ppm, recovery may not be possible using normal methods, an amonia treatment may be necessary (better left to the professionals).

In general, there are basically 4 kinds of algae :

GREEN ALGAE - usually fairly easy to get rid of with a simple shock + backwash, as long as you catch it before it takes over.
YELLOW ALGAE - sometimes can be more stubborn than green algae, but will usually respond to shock + algaecide + backwash
BROWN ALGAE - responds the same as yellow algae
BLACK ALGAE - most difficult by far to get rid of. Must be physically removed in many cases, especially from rough surfaces.

If the algae bloom is minor (shows up in a couple of spots, or a slight tint to the normal water color), removal will usually be easy: Vacuum and brush the entire pool, backwash filter, shock pool (according to label directions), add clarifier ( be careful not to add too much! ) and phosphate treatment, allow pump to run for 24 hrs, backwash again (DE and cartridge filters should be cleaned after recovery is complete). If you have a sand filter, it may take longer to clear up.

If the algae bloom is more substantial (you can see the steps, but the algae is everywhere), the same process will work, but you may have to backwash or clean the filter more. If you have green algae, you can usually destroy it by super-chlorinating the pool, and follow through with brushing / backwashing. Phosphate treatment will definitely be required. If you are dealing with yellow or brown algae, you may also need to use an algaecide. You should talk to your local pool supply store and see what type of algaecide they recommend for your particualar type of algae (green, yellow, brown or black).

If the algae bloom is bad (you can't see the bottom of the pool), draining may be the most cost effective solution. While recovery can almost always be achieved without draining, the cost of the chemicals required and the labor involved make it very expensive. You could easily spend over $100 just in chemicals (for a small play pool), not to mention the hours it will take vaumming, brushing, and backwashing/cleaning the filter. A complete drain and chlorine bath starts at $250, including start up chemicals. Water cost for a small play pool will be somewhere around $50 - $75.

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Removing algae from your pool can be a very frustrating task, especially if you've never done it before! There are so many variables to consider: what type of filter do you have/what's the pressure? Can you see the bottom of the pool? How about the 1st or 2nd step? Are phosphates present? What color is the algae? Is there good circulation? What's the water chemistry? What chemicals have already been tried? and the list goes on! Even if you can recover your grreen pool without



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