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Chemical only service from. $65.00/mo

Basic weekly pool service from $85.00/mo

Premium weekly pool service plans available.

At Abra Cadabra Pool Service, our goal, as I've said many times, is to be the LAST pool service and repair company you call! If you're looking for the cheapest pool service possible, I can tell you that your search is not over! While we do our best to stay competetive, and on certain things we may be cheaper than other pool companies, our focus is to provide our customers with the best weekly pool service possible. I know my customers value their time, and I do everything I can to ensure that you don't have to do a thing to your pool except enjoy it!

Weekly service pricing is based on a few basics:

All weekly pool service pricing is based on 50 weeks of service.
We skip the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas (unless there is an emergency). If your regular service falls on The 4th of July or any other holiday, you WILL get service on those days.

  • How big is the pool? (Play pool, diving pool, and "huge" pool)
  • Is there a spa connected?
  • How many pumps/filters?
  • Existing water chemistry.
  • How much debris gets in the pool on a regular basis?
  • Does the pool have a cleaning system (vacuum or pop-ups)?
  • How old is the equipment and is it adequate for the pool?

I can give you an estimate over the phone or e-mail, however, actual price will be determined after a complete pool inspection and water analysis

Weekly Pool Service

All pools will have a service record placed inside the pool equipment control panel or time clock. Every week we will fill in the date, current water chemistry and any chemicals added or repairs made. All pools will need repairs from time to time to function properly, from automatic vacuum gears to pop-up system hydraulics, leaky seals, cracked baskets, etc. As a general rule, if the repair is less than $50.00, we will complete the repair and add it to the following month's invoice, and if it's more than $50.00, we will contact you before repairing. If you want us to call before doing any repairs at all, that's ok too. (In general, most repairs under $50.00 are needed in order to keep from needing a much larger repair in the near future.) If for any reason we are not able to get to your pool on the scheduled day, we will call you and either re-schedule for the following day, or credit your account for that week's pro-rated amount, whichever you prefer.

CHEMICAL ONLY PLAN from $60.00/month

Includes the following:

  • 1 visit per week (except for the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas)
  • Test and record water chemistry. (Weekly test free chlorine, ph and total alkalinity, semi-annual test includes calcium hardness, total dissolved solids, and cyanuric acid levels, which will determine if the pool will need to be drained) Other tests, such as phosphate, are done as needed.
  • Check and record filter pressure.
  • Add basic chemicals as needed.
    (Basic chemicals are limited to: Chlorine tablets, shock, or liquid as needed, muriatic acid, soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, and clarifier)


Includes everything in chemical only plan plus the following:

  • Skim/net all debris.
  • Brush walls, steps, and benches as needed.
  • Empty all strainer baskets.
  • Backwash as needed.
  • Clean salt cell as needed.
  • Check equipment for leaks and proper operation.
  • Adjust timer(s) according to season.
  • Clean and lubricate lid seals, backwash valve seals, and jandy valve seals as needed.

(Price varies according to pool equipment)

Includes everything in basic weekly pool service plus the following:

  • Filter cleaning
  • Replacement baskets and chlorine floaters
  • Replacement seals for lids and valves.

In addition, all of our weekly pool service customers enjoy discounts on all pool equipment repairs and other pool services like acid wash and tile cleaning. We also have a referral program: The first person you refer to us that hires us for weekly pool service gets you 1/2 off your next month of service. Each referral after that gets you a FREE MONTH of weekly pool service.

These pics should give you a pretty good idea of how much weekly pool service would be for your particular pool.

$80/mo weekly pool service in gilbert
$85.00/month Weekly Pool Service in Gilbert


$85.00/mo. weekly pool service in gilbert
$90.00/month Weekly Pool Service in Gilbert


Example of a $90.00/month weekly pool service customer in Chandler, AZ
$95.00/month Weekly Pool Service in Gilbert


Example of a $95.00/mo pool in Gilbert
$100.00/month Weekly Pool Service in Gilbert


$100.00/mo. weekly pool service in gilbert
$110.00/month Weekly Pool Service in Chandler
(includes front yard fountain maintenance)


Example of a $115.00/mo. weekly pool service in Chandler.
$115.00/month Weekly Pool Service in Gilbert
(includes manual vacuum of fountain area)


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